1. Do NOT rinse out your mouth today and avoid interfering with the extraction/surgery site as this will cause bleeding).
  2. Do NOT drink alcohol today (this will cause bleeding also).
  3. Do NOT smoke for as long as possible following surgery. Restrict smoking for 2 weeks post-operatively.
  4. You can eat and drink in about two hours once the numbness has completely wore off.
  5. If you have only had an extraction/surgery on one side of your mouth then eat as normal avoiding that side.
  6. If extractions/surgery has been performed on both sides then for the next few days put yourself on a soft diet e.g. pasta, mashed potatoes, soup, scrambled eggs, smoothies, noodles, ice cream, yoghurt etc. This will prevent any damage to the site of surgery and reduce pain.
  7. Your stitches may be resorbable, if so they will take two weeks to dissolve. If they are not resorbable they will need to be removed in about a week by your dentist.
  8. Use of ice-packs or a bag of frozen vegetables will help reduce post operative swelling. Use this for up to two days following surgery.
  9. If bleeding occurs, roll a gauze swab or clean handkerchief and place it over the wound and apply firm pressure with your fingers or by biting firmly for 20 minutes.
  10. A slight ooze of blood from the wound is normal for some hours after the surgery/extraction, especially with eating.
  11. Commencing tomorrow, or 12 hours after your extraction, carry out warm salt water rinses (1⁄2 a teaspoon of salt mixed in a glass of warm water). Rinse gentle for 1 minute then spit out, repeating it four times a day for a week. Also rinse with Savacol mouthwash for 1 minute, morning and evening, for a week.