Extractions (tooth removal)

Sometimes our teeth need to be removed due to pain, infection or simply because there isn’t enough room in your mouth. Often this can be done quickly, easily, and painlessly. This only requires a short appointment with our dentists here to remove a tooth.

If your extraction is more difficult, a larger procedure may need to take place. Whether it be a simple extraction, or a larger surgical extraction, you will be given the opportunity to continue the procedure with us or we may need to refer you to an appropriate specialist.

If it is a matter of a large number of teeth being removed, leaving a large gap of almost all your teeth being now extracted, see us about our ‘Partial’ or ‘Full Dentures’. We can fit you with a whole new set of teeth that are easily removable and yet look just as realistic and natural as your teeth did before. If it is simply just the one tooth that has been extracted, then feel free to talk to us about our ‘Dental Bridges’ that can fill the hole without worry of an unnatural look occurring.